Transformation Support (STS)

Strategic Transformation Aid (STS): subsidies for investments and training up to 1 million Euro

Companies in Flanders can apply for a Strategic Transformation Support (STS) subsidy for a strategic transformation project. The maximum subsidy amounts to €1 million, but the investments for the Flemish companies are also quite high. This subsidy program is interesting if you are building a new office building, training centre or production hall.

Strategic Transformation Support (STS)

Companies in Flanders can apply for a Strategic Transformation Support (STS) subsidy for a strategic transformation project. The mandatory requirement is at least €1 million in investments and €100,000 in training (the thresholds are even higher for medium-sized and large companies). The transformation project must make an important contribution to the strengthening of the economic fabric of Flanders. You are thinking, for example, of building a new office building or factory linked to a strategic transformation.

The basic support is 8% for investments and 20% for training. The basic support is capped at a maximum of €1 million per company. A project is assessed according to certain criteria, including innovation, quality of management, reinforcement for the company, internationalisation and sustainability within Flanders.

Venture Campus writes the Strategic Transformation Support (STS) dossier from A to Z. We use a fixed and variable remuneration (success fee).

The threshold for applying for a STS file is high. For innovative companies, there are programs that are more accessible, such as SME innovation projects (innovation subsidy via Vlaio), SME growth subsidy (through SME portfolio), Horizon 2020 subsidies (through the EU) and subsidies for training and HR (via the European Social Fund, ESF).

Why strategic transformation support via venture campus

Venture Campus has experience with strategic transformation support for innovative companies. We write your dossier from A to Z. Thanks to our years of experience in writing innovation subsidy files, you increase the chances of success for your Strategic Transformation Support.

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Strategic transformation support (STS)

The Strategic Transformation Support (STS) in a nutshell:

  • Especially for large investments – A new office building, training centre, production hall, …
  • Up to 1 million Euro subsidy – But your own contribution also amounts to at least €1 million
  • Strategic value – Helps your company grow to the next step
  • Fast lead time – Fast approval / rejection of your request