SME growth subsidy

SME growth subsidy: 25,000 Euro subsidy for external expertise or a strategic employee

Are you going to start a growth trajectory (internationalisation, transformation and / or innovation) with your company to ensure its future? VLAIO awards grants up to €25,000 for hiring an external consultant with the necessary expertise or recruiting a strategic employee on your own payroll.


The SME growth subsidy is a subsidy instrument whereby the Flemish government supports companies achieve a growth trajectory.

The companies have the choice to call in external experts or to hire a strategic employee. The focus of the growth trajectory must be on innovation, transformation or internationalisation. The SME growth subsidy application must contain a well-founded approach, that indicates the SME will successfully develop the growth trajectory. The expertise of the external consultants or the strategic employee is of great importance here.

The subsidy amount is 50% of the total costs with a maximum subsidy of €25,000. This applies both to external reinforcement (via consultant, knowledge institution or knowledge agency) and, internal reinforcement (the recruitment of a new employee).

Venture Campus writes your SME growth subsidy application from A to Z on the basis of a fixed and variable (no-cure, no-pay) reimbursement.

  • Option 1: SME growth subsidy via external reinforcement

    You hire a consultant (external) who helps your company to manifest your growth trajectory (internationalisation, transformation and / or innovation). The CV of the consultant is important to show that he / she has knowledge that is not available within your company. You will be reimbursed 50% of the total cost with a maximum of €25,000 subsidy.

  • Option 2: Recruitment of an (internal) strategic employee

    To guide the growth trajectory in your company, you can also hire a new strategic employee. Here, too, it is important to demonstrate his / her knowledge on the basis of a CV and references. This employee must focus on the growth trajectory and must not take on a purely operational role. He / she assists the management to roll out the growth trajectory. You receive 50% of the gross wage costs with a maximum subsidy of €25,000.

Why sme growth subsidy via venture campus

Venture Campus has experience with the SME growth subsidy for innovative companies. We write your dossier from A to Z. Thanks to our years of experience in writing innovation subsidy files, you increase the chances of success for your SME growth subsidy application.

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SME growth subsidy

The SME growth subsidy in a nutshell:

  • For all companies – No restrictions at sector level
  • Limited ownership – Only 50% own contribution required
  • Strategic value – Helps to strengthen your company
  • Fast lead time – Fast approval / rejection of your request