Innovation deduction

The innovation deduction: a nice saving on corporate tax

Thanks to the innovation deduction, you can tax the turnover that you allocate to innovative products and services to 5.1% instead of 29.58%. This can result in considerable tax saving.

The new innovation departure

The new innovation deduction is the successor to the patent deduction (IP box). As a result, you reduce corporation tax from 29.58% to 5.1% for net income that’s related to innovation that’s protected by intellectual property (including through a patent). The deduction cannot simply be applied but requires thorough prior study and a meticulous documentation obligation.

Venture Campus helps you with all the steps you need to take to apply the innovation deduction. The first step is a feasibility study to see if the deduction is applicable to your organisation. We assist you in drawing up the file that is required for a tax audit and can also assist you in applying for a tax ruling.

  • Applicable to sales of innovative products and services

    Do you sell innovative products and services? The innovation deduction could well be applicable to the turnover attributable to this.

  • The innovation deduction cannot be applied lightly

    There is a lot to look at in the innovation deduction. Are you in possession of the right patents? Do you have a correct time tracking system for your developers? Are your general conditions well defined? Is the transfer of the right of use to your customer in the right way? Are your R & D activities registered (and approved) at BELSPO? …

Why innovation departure via venture campus

Venture Campus has already supported dozens of Flemish companies in applying the patent and innovation deduction. We help you from A to Z and therefore offer a total solution that can reduce your tax burden from 29.58% to 5.1%. We use a no-cure, no-pay fee for this, which means that you only grant a small part of the benefit to us in case of success. Are you eligible for the innovation deduction? In that case, you can most probably also claim innovation subsidies via Vlaio (SME innovation project subsidy) or via Europe (Horizon 2020 SME instrument subsidy).

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Innovation departure

With the innovation deduction, the Belgian government wants to stimulate innovation. This has many advantages for your company:

  • Low tax rate – 5.1% instead of 29.58%
  • Strict documentation obligation – but Venture Campus takes care of this
  • Approved by the EU – so no risk of prohibited state aid
  • Great advantage – tax benefit for MO 100,000+ Euro / year