ESF Subsidies

ESF Subsidies for training and sustainable career policy up to 100.000 euro

Does your company provide internal or external training? Or is your career policy subject to review or expansion? Venture Campus arranges the application of ESF grants from A to Z. Together with the managers or the HR department, we ensure that your project is converted into an ESF subsidy application.

ESF subsidies for training and career policy

ESF (European Social Fund), together with Flanders Europe, invests in job opportunities and quality careers for Flemish companies. The European Social Fund (ESF) is the main European instrument that supports employment; to help people find better employment and to ensure fairer employment opportunities for all EU citizens.

ESF publishes frequent calls for training in companies (both internal and external) and career policy. The support amounts (subsidies) vary between 60,000 Euro and 100,000 Euro depending on the call. A private contribution from the Flemish company is always required. There are several calls per year (2016, 2017, 2018, …) with strict deadlines. The ESF conditions are set up in such a way that, in principle, every company with 50 to 100 employees is eligible for the payroll.

Venture Campus has already helped dozens of companies with the ESF project application for the settlement of the ESF files. We will write the file in consultation with those responsible within your company.

  • ESF subsidy for training (training in companies)

    At present, there is a call for training (both for internal and external training courses) on digital competences, literacy, social skills and business innovation in the context of lifelong learning and the European Skills Agenda. A subsidy amount is available per company of a maximum of €100,000.

  • Career policy 2.0 (Sustainable career policy)

    Flanders and Europe want to make careers workable and maintain them. Companies can apply for a subsidy of up to €80,000 for the development of a career policy. This career policy includes various fields of action such as recruitment & selection, reception, work-life, career policy, competence policy, leadership, outflow, … Also companies that have already taken initiatives in this area are eligible.

Why ESF subsidies via venture campus?

Venture Campus assists you from A to Z in submitting and processing your ESF grant files for training and career development. We work for the majority of our compensation on a no-cure, no-pay basis, which means we take the risk together with you.

How does the procedure for an esf subsidy work?

Venture Campus writes, in consultation with your employees, the ESF project application from start to finish. We also prepare everything for the ESF application by the deadline of the call. Exactly 3 months after the expiry of the deadline you will receive the project order (approved or rejected) in the ESF application. Upon approval, the ESF project can start and we will guide you further with the interim reporting up to and including the payment of the very last instalment of the ESF subsidy.

Who is eligible for an ESF subsidy?

Every company with employees on the payroll in Flanders is eligible for an ESF subsidy. From practical experience we notice that ESF-files are especially suitable for companies upwards of 50 employees. There are no limits for large companies or multinationals, only more detailed input is required. Venture Campus will gladly discuss with you your plans in the area of HR and training and see if an appropriate ESF call has been opened. First and foremost, we put together an ESF budget file to see if the budgeting for your company is feasible.

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ESF subsidies

The benefits of ESF subsidies:

  • For every company – no restrictions on sectors
  • Limited administration – via the digital ESF archive
  • High chances of success – thanks to our years of experience
  • Combine with other subsidies – bv. e.g. innovation grants for SME’s

Horizon 2020 Grants

Horizon 2020: from 50,000 to 2,5 million Euro subsidy

Are you looking beyond Belgium? The SME instrument within the Horizon 2020 program provides subsidies of between €500,000 and €2.5 million for innovative start-ups that want to expand their market. Only 30% ownership is required for these European subsidies. Contact us today to write your Horizon 2020 grant application within the SME instrument.

HORIZON 2020 SUBSIDIES (SME instrument)

Horizon 2020 is the European subsidy program for research and development. The total size of the program amounts to €70 billion and is open to all companies in the EU.

The SME-instrument program within Horizon 2020 is specifically aimed at (S) ME’s who already have an innovative solution and want to expand it (in the field of innovation, opening up new markets, …). There are several calls per year and there is a specific call in almost every sector. Venture Campus will write your Horizon 2020 subsidy application from A to Z on the basis of a fixed fee and a variable remuneration (no-cure, no-pay basis). Due to the large number of applications at Horizon2020, the success rate is many times lower than for Flemish subsidies (ESF, Vlaio, …). Have you not received Flemish subsidies yet? Then start with a development project subsidy for SME’s.

There is a Phase 1 (feasibility study) and a Phase 2 (R & D and prototype / demonstrator). You do not have to start with a Phase 1 and can therefore submit directly for a Phase 2.

  • Phase 1: Feasibility study

    An application in Phase 1 implies that you will carry out a feasibility study. There is a fixed subsidy amount of €50,000 whereby the EU finances a maximum of 70% of the total cost. The study must provide an answer to the technical and economic feasibility of your innovation project. The maximum duration is 6 months.

  • Phase 2: R & D and prototype / demonstrator

    In Phase 2 you will prepare your product / innovation / service on the market. This is also about expanding your market to European countries or other continents. The duration of your project is 12 to 24 months. The subsidy amount is between €500,000 and €2.5 million. You receive a maximum of 70% subsidy on the total investment budget of your company.

Why horizon 2020 SME instrument via venture campus

Venture Campus has experience with Horizon 2020 grants for innovative companies. We write your dossier from A to Z for both Phase 1 and Phase 2. Thanks to our years of experience with European projects, you increase the chances of success for your Horizon 2020 application.

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Horizon 2020 SME-Instrument

The Horizon 2020 SME instrument is a nutshell:

Het Horizon 2020 SME-instrument is een notendop:

  • For all sectors – Wide application possibilities
  • Limited ownership – Only 30% required
  • Supplementary – Suitable as an addition to Flemish subsidies/li>
  • Spacious budget – More than €70 billion provided