Disapproved subsidies

Has your subsidy been rejected? We can help!

Did you submit your subsidy application yourself (or through another subsidy advisor), but the subsidy was rejected? Venture Campus can take care of the re-delivery. Thanks to our expertise, your chances of success increase. A resit is allowed for almost all subsidy programs that Flanders and Europe offer.

Most subsidy applications, such as grants for training and sustainable career policy at ESF, development projects and research projects via VLAIO or Strategic Transformation Aid grants can often be re-submitted for a second chance. This often requires a thorough revision of your file that you leave to specialists. Venture Campus can redesign your subsidy file in consultation, but for the most part, independently, with a view to a successful resubmission.

Increase your opportunity with Venture Campus

Receiving a rejection for your subsidy application is never fun, but often ESF or VLAIO has justified criticism and reservations about your project proposal. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion and analysis of whether your file is sufficiently viable for a successful resubmission. It would be a shame to not make optimal use of the subsidy opportunities that Flanders and Europe offer.